MONAT has Officially launched in Canada !!

We have officially launched MONAT in Canada !!

What does MONAT launching in Canada mean to me ??? This is HUGE !! I was born and raised in Prince Edward Island and have always dreamed of being a part of a company that launched into Canada. Not only have we officially crossed the border but we have expanded our business internationally in the first year ! I am honored to be the first Canadian Founder with MONAT Global. Are you in Canada and looking for a home based business opportunity ?? MONAT just may be a perfect fit for you ! Contact me to learn more .

REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive Tip # 25

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Did you know REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive makes a great primer for your lip liner and lipstick?
Because of its unique molecular structure that helps to extend the life of color in your hair, it also works to define and extend your lipstick application during the day.

Just place a small amount of REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive on your lips. Rub in and let set for about 5 minutes. Next, apply lipliner to outer edges of lips, then fill in entire lip area. Finish with your favorite lipstick and you are set – literally for all day color and long-lasting staying power.

You will find your lips will remain hydrated and moist and your color will not wear off as quickly.
Try it, you’re gonna love the results!

REJUVENIQE™ for Winter Weather

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We all know REJUVENIQE works miracles on our hair but did you know it also works overtime when it’s cold to help re-hydrate your skin?

With winter still on us in many parts of the country, I felt it was a good time to review the many uses of REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive.

Use product as usual but on really cold or snowy days;

• Add a few extra drops while blowdrying your hair to lock in moisture
• Mix a few drops with the Restore Leave-in
• Conditioner to ends of hair before flat ironing to add hydration and reduce static electricity
• Rub an extra amount into curly hair to reduce winter flyaways
• Rub an extra amount into fine hair to reduce winter frizzies

• Use extra drops under your eyes to help protect delicate skin
• Rub onto your feet –especially your heels to protect against dry cracking skin
• Apply generously to any exposed skin to prevent dehydration
• Apply to lips before bedtime and during the day to prevent chapping
• Apply all over the body to keep you from dehydrating due to electric heat that can pull natural moisture from your skin
• Add a few drops to your body lotion or moisturizer to boost its effectiveness
• Add a generous amount to your bath water for a deep hydration spa experience
• Apply all over your body 15 minutes before showering to help lock in the body’s moisture that hot water can deplete
• Apply to hands after each time you wash
• Apply to hands and feet and put on lightweight gloves and socks before bedtime. When you wake up in the morning, your skin will be softer, smoother, and ready to take on the day.